Fleurs de Louisiane

Fleurs de Louisiane


Inspired by the flowers of Louisiana, you will find a large magnolia surrounded by, azaleas, pink buttercups, white clovers, and yellow buttercups. This collage is truly unique and the only one of its kind. All of the flowers were carved by hand on linoleum and printed by hand. After they were printed, some hand coloring was used to add in tiny details and shading. The flowers were cut out and collaged together on handmade mulberry paper, which makes them seem as if they are popping off the page.

Original linocut.

Size is 11x17. As pictured in one of the images, the corners of the paper have an uneven lining to them as this piece of paper was handmade. I recommend framing this piece floating on a mat board so that you can see the beauty of the paper!

Signed and editioned on the front.

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